Nicola O’Neill is the Managing Director of Harvest. She has been involved in the development of people and organisations for the past 20 years. Nicola is an expert practitioner in all aspects of OD including leadership development, change management, high impact coaching and succession planning initiatives. 

As an entrepreneur and business leader, Nicola has coached leaders across business and industry including CEOs, senior managers, and middle managers. Her current work in organisations focuses on encouraging individual initiative and leadership from a systemic perspective in order to achieve clearly defined business results. Her speciality is effectively linking people processes to business outcomes.

Nicola is a passionate advocate of coaching and mentoring and has experienced first-hand how excellence can be achieved by effective and professional coaching. Nicola has engaged in coaching partnerships mainly at Senior level for a number of clients. These coaching sessions have been part of both full development programmes and individual sessions working on a particular development need.

Nicola is a former President of the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD) having served two terms from 2014 to 2018.

Nicola holds a Masters of Education in Training and Development and a Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching.


Specialist Coaching Areas:

  • First 100 Days for new executives
  • Strategic and tactical clarity
  • Strategic leadership
  • Leading change