Creating Independence Not Dependence


I am a Director at Harvest. I work with our clients to help their organisations and people to be the best they can be. 

My expertise is in the areas of coaching, mentoring, leadership, talent development, sales effectiveness and employee development. I am passionate about improving personal and organisational performance by helping people at all levels to understand why they are on the payroll and how their contribution affects the bigger picture. 

I have over twenty five years' professional experience including over fifteen years working in Friends First where I was a HR Business Manager and responsible for change management for the Friends First Group. I am a Board Adviser to Sarah Bird Foundation, an Irish and International charity that brings trauma healing to areas devastated by natural disasters and conflict. 

My qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.) a Diploma in Sports Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching. 

I love to travel and am an avid reader. I am a regular platform speaker at conferences and a keen contributor to the conversation around leadership, coaching and mentoring on social media.