3 June 2019

Our Client Corner – July 2019

This Month at Harvest our team:

  • Conducted an in-depth review of a large sales team structure and processes and presented a comprehensive diagnostic report and recommendations to a large FMCG client.
  • Designed a bespoke team development programme for a brand new team put together for a large infrastructure project with a facilities organisation.
  • Concluded a 9-month (International) in house mentoring programme by conducting an end of programme review with mentors and mentees with a client in the financial sector – their feedback was outstanding.

  • Delivered training to the full team from four branches of a large retail organisation – which started with us designing a bespoke customer engagement model for them on the back of a complete rebranding exercise.

  • Designed and delivered a customer engagement model for the largest retailer in Ireland and 4 Harvest team members successfully completed customer engagement training with all the people managers of the organisation including how to coach the behaviours with their branch teams.