10 September 2019

Our Client Corner – September 2019

This Month at Harvest:

  • We are partnering with an Executive team in the retail sector post downsizing, to develop their ability to adjust their leadership approach and style to meet the needs of the emergence phase of the business. The programme consists of relationship and team development off-sites, one-to-one coaching and participation in a 360-degree feedback profile.
  • We are partnering with a financial institute on a Culture Programme with focus on the embedding phase. We are co-facilitating with the senior team; large team members sessions, where the team members take a deep dive into the culture framework (purpose, positioning and values). They get an opportunity to identify their team contribution and individual contribution to the culture. We have engaged a graphic recorder, who is designing a visual story based on the outputs of each group session.
  • We have designed and delivered a Phase Two follow up Leadership Programme for a financial institute; Phase One was completed in 2018. For this phase, we are focusing on delivering three initiatives per quarter; one focusing on knowledge development, one on skills development and one on behavioural development. We have engaged corporate role players to assist in embedding skills.
  • We are undertaking a Value Proposition and Sales Skills Programme with a large national team of sales and marketing professionals in the healthcare industry to facilitate the growth in complexity of their offering.
  • We are implementing a Leadership Skills Programme in a data security and compliance organisation in order to support the growth of the organisation.