This Month at Harvest:  

  • We have partnered with two clients to deliver a tailored negotiation skills programme with: A focus on negotiation styles, a high impact negotiation framework and toolkit and industry-specific case studies for skills practice. The clients were a sales team in a pharma company and a sales team in the motor industry


  • We have designed and delivered a bespoke facilitation skills programme for a team of international marketers who facilitate in country meetings on brand development and execution


  • We are partnering with an Executive team in a FMCG organisation, who has recently completed a significant change programme. They now need to regroup to redefine their strategy and develop the capability of the team to execute the strategy. The interventions include: Team off sites, the development of the strategy, the development of a set of practices to define the new ways of working and a strong focus on enhancing the relationships within the team



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