9 March 2020

Harvest Update on COVID-19

Harvest update on COVID 19

In light of the risk posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Harvest have taken a number of measures to address this. All learning specialist and team members have been advised on measures to take in line with HSE / NHS guidance, in terms of hygiene practices and safety measures. We have assessed our schedules and delivery capability across our project plans, and we have the capacity and the technical capability to deliver without disruption. If there are any changes on your behalf, we can offer virtual and online classrooms as a measure to ensure continuity of the project, if necessary. In addition, our digital learning partner Flex Labs can provide you with support and guidance on transitioning to virtual delivery for your inhouse training. Please reach out if you need help here.

We would ask you to keep in touch and let us know if any imminent and potential changes from your perspective.

At this point, we can confirm at this time that we anticipate no disruption to our ability to deliver service to our clients given the current parameters. If this changes, for any reason, we will be sure to notify you promptly. We will keep in regular contact as the days progress. Thank you.


From Classroom to Virtual Classroom – Tips to get started

In light of recent developments with the coronavirus, this webinar will provide you with some practical tips for getting set up and started with virtual classroom delivery. This online webinar will help you explore the following questions:

  • How to design virtual session using existing classroom content
  • How to delivery virtual classroom to ensure engagement
  • What are the technology considerations?

Date: Friday 13th March

Time: 12.00 – 13.00

Presenter: John Kilroy, Flex Labs

To book your place on this webinar, click here: https://bookwhen.com/iitdconnects#focus=ev-stmu-20200313120000

Supporting your Transition to Virtual Classrooms

Our digital learning partners Flex Labs are currently working with a number of our clients to help them take quick and practical steps to transition their classroom content to virtual classroom delivery. Please reach out to John or Stefan to discuss the range of supports on offer to you. Their contact details are below.

John Kilroy Stefan Pereira

john.kilroy@flexlabs.io stefan.pereira@flexlabs.io


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