8 June 2020

Our Client Corner – June 2020

This Month at Harvest:

The following projects have all been delivered online using a variety of technologies (Zoom, MS Teams and Adobe Connect):

  • We designed and delivered a “Learning from Home” series of weekly webinars and virtual classrooms for a utilities company. The engagement and sign up was very high
  • We designed and delivered our first presentation skills virtual classroom to assist a sales team with client presentations and internal presentations. We focused on presentations for an individual flying solo and a team doing a group presentation. We had great fun exploring new technologies and ideas to create online impact
  • We are partnering with several clients to develop learning experiences that ensure their performance cycle and rhythm stays in place whilst working in the new normal. For one client, a transport government agency, we designed and delivered a skills virtual programme on engaging in high impact feedback conversations; we trained both managers and team members