30 August 2020

Our Client Corner – September 2020

Client Corner – September 2020

The following projects have all been delivered virtually using a variety of technologies:

  • We are continuing to partner with a client to develop and deliver a series of virtual classroom sessions on a ‘Learning from Home Series’. We have added new personal effectiveness topics on assertiveness skills and negotiation skills.
  • We delivered a half-day virtual classroom session on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ to three groups of mentees as part of the 2020 Mentoring Programme within a financial institute. Harvest has also delivered three other virtual classroom sessions to this group during their programme cycle:
    • The future of work including Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
    • Regulation & Governance
    • Personal Branding
  • We have just completed a comprehensive diagnostic exercise with a large financial retail organisation, where we examined their sales through service approach and capability. The report provided a detailed analysis of the existing sales practices and capability against industry standards. Our recommendations included:
    • The development of a revised engagement model (sales through service)
    • The design of a strategic growth plan template
    • The development of the coaching capability of the managers
    • The design and delivery of a skills programme for all levels within the retail sales team