3 December 2001

Our Client Corner – October 2020

Client Corner – October 2020

The following projects have all been delivered virtually using a variety of technologies:

  • We are partnering with a large manufacturer of electrical heating appliances, domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation, and renewable energy solutions. They have just completed an organisational wide values exercise where, in consultation with a variety of team members, they defined their corporate values. We are now working with them to design and deliver a set of initiatives to promote the values (understanding and engagement) throughout the organisation. We will be doing this through co-facilitated development sessions with the leaders in the organisation, on a virtual platform.
  • We are continuing to develop a leadership development programme for a group of yard supervisors to further enhance their brand value. This two-day programme has been designed to contextualise the values into the role of the supervisor, to enhance meaning and facilitate easy implementation.
  • We are working with a client, who is in a newly appointed executive team role on their 100-day plan “Fitting in and standing out”.