14 December 2020

Our Client Corner – December 2020

Client Corner – December 2020

The following projects have all been delivered virtually using a variety of technologies:

  • We are commencing a consultative sales development programme for the retail network of an insurance company. Having already completed a detailed diagnostic phase, which led to the enhancement of the company’s value proposition, their engagement model, and their approach to growth strategies, we are now commencing the upskilling phase of the project.
  • We have partnered with a client to facilitate several sessions with the HR team and the executive team to provide benchmarking practice for their performance management cycle, which they will use to critique and update their existing approach.
  • We have just completed a refresher sales development programme with an FMCG client who finished their programme 18 months ago. Since then, they have participated in the Harvest Sales Academy which ensured that the skills obtained were continuously in use.