18 January 2021

Our Client Corner – January 2021

Client Corner – January 2021

The following projects have all been delivered virtually using a variety of technologies:

  • We are excited to partner with a government agency to design and deliver a January masterclass on “Setting you Up for Success”, a goal-setting workshop based on Jinny Ditzler’s “Best Year Yet principles.
  • We have just finished delivering a Sales Team Development programme with a client in the Agricultural sector, where we:
    • Helped them to enhance their value proposition.
    • Designed their customer engagement model and their approach to developing territory growth plans. This development was followed by an intense set of masterclasses for the sales teams, which included a coaching module for the sales managers.
  • As part of our Talent Development Offer, we are partnering with a building provider company to develop a Talent Framework by mapping their role profiles to include:
    • job families and job roles,
    • competency ratings,
    • a standard entry-level under experience, exposure and education
    • a development menu for each role.