25 March 2024

Our Client Corner – March 2024

Client Corner – March 2024

Harvest are proud of our value, a “Compelling Place to Work” were we are committed to providing work which is interesting and challenging and which attracts and retains talented people. And the start of 2024 has certainly delivered for our team, as we are privileged to be partnering with clients on the following programme and projects:  


Skills First  

We are in a scoping phase with a large government agency, focusing on a skills first agenda, where we are designing a taxonomy to identify current and future skills within all job families and roles, which will provide data for a skills assessment and the build of high impact learning curriculums and career pathways. Stay tuned to see how the project progresses.  


Values and Culture 

We have partnered with a multinational company to embed their updated values “Our Way” through facilitated workshops co-presented with executive team members. The design focuses on input from team members, the bottom-up approach facilitates high levels of engagement and ownership for implementing the values.  

We are delivering a series of train the trainer sessions, with an Aviation Solutions organisation to upskill them to deliver team workshops to introduce their culture and values framework “New Frontiers” . Our innovative design using learnagraphics and self-management learning exercises will ensure engagement and energise team members during this launch phase.  


Sales Manager and Sales Team Development 

We have just completed a sales manager and sales team development programme with a large FMCG organisation. Significant investment was made to define a high impact sales infrastructure to enhance the role of the sales team and move them closer to the role of advisors and partners. The approach included: the development of a consultative sales engagement model, territory growth plans and a skills programme. The managers took part in a coaching programme and agreed an infield coaching rhythm to embedding the skills through infield support and shadowing with their sales team members.  


In House Mentoring Panels and Mentoring Circles  

Harvest are continuing to innovate and trail blaze when partnering with clients to set up in house mentoring panels and mentoring circles. We have recently commenced two programmes, one with a professional services organisation (cycle 3) and one with a government agency (cycle 2) and completed two (that included end of programme reviews, evaluations and a graduation) with a transport company and a large government agency (who delivered a women in leadership mentoring programme)