26 September 2023

Our Client Corner – September 2023

Client Corner – September 2023  

The Harvest team is continuing to partner with our clients, designing and delivering OD initiatives and team and individual development programmes in the areas of Talent Management, Leadership and Management, Team Development and Executive Coaching.   

We hope you enjoy hearing about them. 

Harvest completed a very successful “Power hour” webinar initiative with a global client, where we designed and delivered 21 one-hour webinar topics, under the themes of People Development, Personal Development and Business Development. Over 4000 team members attended from three different times zones. We are commencing wave two of these webinars in October. We will design another 17 topics and deliver 29 webinars in three time zones.  

We are also partnering with a Skillnet to deliver six “Power hour” webinar sessions, covering the themes: “How to define your value” and “How to demonstrate your value”. 

We are continuing our success in designing and delivering mentoring circles by commencing a partnership with a manufacturing company. We are launching mentoring circles with Senior team members who have completed a lengthy development initiative and are now integrating back into the organisation’s business as usual activities.  

Harvest is partnering with a number of Irish and Global clients in the FMCG and sustainability sectors to deliver tailored intact team development programmes. They include enhancing the relationships that are in place through Insights Discovery, developing and aligning the team purpose and defining the ways of working for team effectiveness and efficiency. 

Please give us a call on 01 497 4622 or drop us a line on Hello@Harvest.ie if you would like to chat to our team and explore how we could support you and your organisation with learning solutions and development initiatives in any of the above areas.