25 March 2024

The Harvest Team: Out and About in March 2024

March 2023

The Executive Institute Chief Executives Dinner – February 2024   

Nicola O’Neill was delighted to attend the Executive Institute’s first CEO Networking Dinner of 2024 on 27th of February at The Merrion Hotel from 6pm. The guest speaker was Anne Sheehan — General Manager of Microsoft Ireland.

Thank you Anne, for sharing the details of your inspirational career path to date and for the leadership tips around authenticity, honesty and humour. Thank you to the Executive Institute for the opportunity as a business leader to connect and network with peers for a great dining experience.

L&DI – Leap Forward: Navigating Career Paths with Organisational Agility 

Julie Ryan attended another interesting panel event hosted by the L&DI which highlighted that traditional career planning is not meeting ‘Agility’ requirements.  With 3 out of 4 companies across the EU challenged with finding candidates and 85% of jobs to be displaced in the EU (OCED, 2023), a Skills First strategy is key to attracting and retaining talent. Much experimentation is underway in companies like Novartis and DHL in adopting a Skills First approach to Skills First careers. In summary, it makes sense to view people as having a mix of skills, knowledge and behaviours that, with the right agility plan, can be deployed on multiple work-based scenarios.