26 September 2023

Tuesday’s Titles with Nicola O’Neill


September 2023 

“Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World” is a book by organizational psychologist Adam Grant, that was published in 2016. The book explores the concept of “originality” and how individuals can foster creativity and innovation in various aspects of their lives. Here is a summary of some key ideas from the book: 

  1. The myth of the eureka moment: Grant challenges the notion that groundbreaking ideas come from sudden “Eureka!” moments. Instead, he argues that many original ideas are the result of a gradual process of refinement and iteration 
  2. Procrastination and productivity: He discusses the idea that productive procrastination can lead to creativity. By delaying tasks, individuals allow themselves time for incubation, which can lead to more original and refined ideas 
  3. Navigating risk and fear: Originals are not fearless risk-takers. They manage their risks effectively by testing their ideas in small ways before committing fully. This helps them find the right balance between caution and boldness 
  4. Seeking truth to power: Grant emphasizes the importance of voice and dissent in organizations. Originals are not afraid to challenge the status quo or voice their opinions, even in the face of opposition 
  5. Cultivating disobedience: Grant advocates for constructive disobedience, where individuals question and challenge established norms and rules in order to drive progress and innovation 
  6. Balancing innovation and conformity: Originals are adept at finding the right balance between innovation and conformity. They understand when to break the mould and when to work within existing structures 
  7. Motivating and timing: Timing is crucial for originality. Grant discusses how recognizing the right moments and seizing opportunities can greatly influence the success of an original idea 
  8. Nurturing originality in others: Grant provides insights on how to encourage and support original thinking in others, whether in a professional or personal context 
  9. Creating a culture of innovation: He explores how organizations can foster a culture of creativity and innovation, highlighting strategies that can help leaders and teams embrace original thinking 
  10. The importance of diversity: He emphasises the value of diversity in fostering originality. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds can lead to a wider range of ideas and approaches 

“Originals” provides practical advice and case studies to illustrate these concepts, aiming to inspire individuals to challenge the status quo and bring original ideas to life. Grant’s research and insights shed light on the habits and strategies of successful innovators and change-makers.