10 November 2017

(Video) Six Things to Consider When Developing a Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme Checklist

We recommend following the checklist below at the development stage of setting up an in-house mentoring programme. A strong process is necessary and will help you ensure the success of the programme.

Mentoring can be a transformative experience for individuals and organisations.

1. Clarify your objectives for the in-house mentoring programme and set these out so all stakeholders understand what the programme is going to achieve.

2. Identify your target audience and agree on the role of the stakeholders.

    • Profile and agree the criteria for what an effective mentor needs to look like
    • Profile the criteria for an effective mentee
    • Identify the role of the line manager in the process

3. Agree the programme approach – will there be a pilot, reviews, strategy etc.

4. Develop the structure of the process.

    • The selection process including the communication plan for those who do not get selected

    • The matching process – how a mentee and mentor are matched

    • The ground rules – regularity of meetings, how long the relationship should last

    • The process for the exit strategy if the process doesn’t work

    • Support for the mentors – who mentors the mentors?

    • The review process

5. Develop a communication plan that includes the line manager that focuses on the benefits of the programme

6. Develop a skills programme to enhance the process – the will help the process by increasing confidence at the initial stages of the process while ensuring not to over-direct it

If you would like any more information on mentoring please email nicola.oneill@harvest.ie or call us on 014974622.

Click here to download a PDF version of this checklist.