19 June 2018

Train & Retain with eLearning

A strong culture of continuous development will allow your business to both attract and retain an effective, engaged workforce. eLearning is the perfect platform to develop your staff.

Today’s learners are impatient – and in this case, impatience is a virtue! More than ever before, we’re seeing people in the workforce display a real appetite for continued development within their role. Plenty of companies offer fringe benefits to their staff, but if you want to get the best people – and get the best out of them – you need to offer them development opportunities at all career stages.

In a recent survey of 400 employees across three generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials), 70% revealed that training and development opportunities impacted their decision to stay in the current job. Millennials were the most notable in this regard; 87% of millennials listed “career growth and development opportunities” as an important factor when deciding whether to stay in their job.

54% of millennials in the aforementioned survey say their loyalty to employers is directly influenced by how much their employer cares about their wellbeing. Additionally, 59% of millennials cite opportunities to learn and grow as extremely important factors when deciding to apply for a job.

That’s why it’s critical to demonstrate your company’s commitment to developing the skills and knowledge of your staff. Show people you care about their development by giving them the opportunity to grow in their careers, and they’ll feel empowered, valued and capable of contributing more to your business.
In turn, your company will benefit from a group of motivated, loyal staff delivering increased productivity and less need for constant supervision – whilst being far more likely to stay and grow further with the business.

eLearning is one of the best ways to demonstrate your company’s commitment to your staff’s development. It allows you to deliver tailored, personalised and engaging learning content that’s relevant to your company directly to your staff.

Naturally, ensuring the content is relevant to your company and industry is vital to improving your staff’s capability to contribute to your business and grow within the organisation. That’s why so many organisations are choosing to develop their eLearning content in-house – where they’ll have complete control over the content and design. But what if your HR and L&D staff don’t currently possess the tech skills and design experience to plan and deliver high-quality, engaging eLearning content to other teams within your organisations?

Harvest offers an accredited, internationally-recognised eLearning Essentials Programme that will enable your staff to develop the core skills involved in the design, development, assessment and evaluation of effective eLearning solutions in a range of services and sectors.

The eLearning Essentials training course is running throughout the summer in July and August, and is delivered by our Head of Learning Technology John Kilroy. John is a leading voice in the eLearning space, and in the last year alone has spoken at eLearning conferences in Washington DC, Lisbon and DCU here in Dublin. The programme provides plenty of 1:1 time between John and each participant, allowing everyone attending to ask all their eLearning questions and receive expert advice.

By the time they graduate from the eLearning Essentials Programme, your L&D team will be fully capable of designing and delivering excellent eLearning development opportunities to the rest of your staff.

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You can find out more about the Essentials Instructional Design Course here.

This article was written by Stefan Pereira – come and say hi on LinkedIn, Twitter or email.