The Insight – Executive Coaching and In-house mentoring panels

Executive Coaching Panel

Harvest partner with clients to provide:

  • A confidential, non-judgemental and safe space
  • Highly experienced Executive Coaches
  • Typically, four to six sessions
  • Coachee’s with an opportunity to select their coach from our panel, and meet in advance to connect and agree a coaching strategy “Contracting”
  • A selection of psychometric tools and personality assessment (Optional)

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In-house Mentoring Panels

Harvest partner with clients to assist in setting up in-house Mentoring Panels through:

  • A steering group
  • The development of a fit for purpose mentoring framework
  • A skills development workshop for mentors and mentees and a programme launch
  • The design and implementation of a review process
  • Evaluation of yearly cycles to enhance the future programme
  • Creating independence not dependence – establish a rhythm that is owned by the business and run by the business

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