12 October 2021

Our Client Corner – October 2021

Our Client Corner – October 2021

After a busy summer, we are delighted to be launching some new programmes for clients for the Autumn.

Returning to Work and Hybrid Leadership

We are partnering with a number of clients, assisting them to transition their people managers towards a pre-COVID working environment in their return to office initiative. We are designing high impact virtual sessions, tailored to the clients’ returning to work policies and approach, to support and enable people to plan and manage the transition effectively.

We have also run practical webinars and workshops for leaders and managers, to support them to plan and manage their hybrid teams effectively through the process of returning to work and help them to help their people to work from home productively.

Mentoring Programmes

We are currently partnering with two financial institutions, a charity and an FMCG client supporting them to roll out and manage their mentoring programmes.

We have designed a bespoke mentoring programme for each client, working closely with them to support them at each stage in the process. From developing the programme format with the client to supporting them with selection, matching mentors and mentees, as well as providing workshops for mentors and the mentees at the start and throughout the programme. The kick-off workshops are critical to the success of the programme, ensuring both mentors and mentees have clear goals for the programme and understand their roles. We provide direction and guidance and skills practice for holding one to one mentoring meetings, as well as supporting mentees and mentors to prepare for a variety of mentoring conversations, covering leadership and management topics and insights.

We have also conducted mid-term reviews of the programme, using questionnaires, interviews and then feedback to both mentors and mentees and the mentoring steering committees within the organisations to ensure objectives and goals are being met and update on progress made.

Talent Management & Development programmes

This is an area of expertise in Harvest, and we are supporting a number of clients with their talent development programmes. We are currently designing a modular programme for 20 high potential participants on a Talent Development programme in an insurance company, supporting them to develop their leadership potential with modules including the Future of leadership, Leading Self and personal development, working in leadership teams and leading others. In addition, they will learn and utilise a practical toolkit of resources and approaches to support them as they plan and develop and try out their leadership skills and help to embed their learning.

Insights Discovery for Executive Leadership Teams

We use Insights Discovery on many of our management development and Leadership programmes to help participants understand their own personality preferences and communication style.

Recently, participants on a Management Development programme recommended that their own Executive Leadership Team (ELT) would benefit from attending an Insights Discovery programme so that they could understand the profile too and improve communications within the wider leadership team.

So, we facilitated a workshop for a group of seven ELT members. Once they understood their own profile, and we worked with them to use this insight to have more impactful conversations with their senior managers on the MDP, as well as improving team communications with each other.

We also provided one-to-one coaching for all to develop personal action plans to enhance their own day to day leadership and ways of working with their Senior managers and the ELT.