1 November 2021

Our Client Corner – November 2021

Our Client Corner – November 2021

Building Personal and Leadership Resilience

In the last 2 years, developing and improving resilience has been a priority for more and more of our clients. We have developed bespoke programmes to enable clients to build their personal and leadership resilience, helping them to personally respond to and grow during change.

Our engaging and practical webinars and workshops help leaders to understand resilience strategies, and to apply practical tools and techniques to build resilience in their teams.

Coaching Programmes

Our Learning Specialists are currently working in a coaching capacity with a number of executives and managers, supporting and challenging them to achieve their business and career goals.

Typically, these coaching engagements last for 4-6 sessions depending on the clients’ goals and objectives. We start with a leadership 360-degree diagnostic questionnaire to identify strengths and development areas, and then build on these as the coaching programme progresses. With some clients, we have a three-way meeting with their managers at the beginning, which helps to focus the sessions and identify specific objectives.

We also run a two-day Coaching for Managers and Leaders programme, which is a practical skills-based workshop to prepare leaders to maximise coaching opportunities and coach their teams and peers to achieve success and improve performance. Managers will develop their skills and competence to hold effective coaching conversations and improve engagement with colleagues using a range of Coaching models and practical tools and techniques.

Management Development Programme

We are currently working with 2 clients in the financial services and professional services sector, rolling out a management development programme for 20 high potential managers in the organisation. This is a modular programme over six months with a virtual classroom masterclass every month, covering topics such as the Leader in Me, Leadership for the Future and Leading Others.

In addition, participants will complete a business challenge based on real-life issues within the organisation, wherein action learning sets, supported by a mentor from the business, they will research and investigate a business issue and develop a project relevant to the organisation.