Nicola O’Neill, Managing Director of Harvest is delighted to be facilitating two Executive Institute events in the coming weeks. 



Nicola is thrilled to be facilitating two exciting events for the Executive Institute, sponsored by Allianz as part of their Women in Business series of events.

On the 2nd of November, Nicola is talking to Harriet Waley-Cohen about how to turn your inner critic into a cheerleader.  

“Take control of your inner dialogue to boost confidence, emotional wellbeing and success. UK business speaker of the year 2020 will share how you can understand the role and triggers of your inner critic and become more self-confident”. 





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 On the 2nd of December Nicola is looking forward to delving into why the best   women leave and what can be done about it with Christine Armstrong.

 “Most organisations don’t know or track why their best women leave. UK   Business book of the year runner-up Christine Armstrong will explore what   companies can do better to help to female talent and what women can do to   help themselves 

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