6 December 2021

Our Client Corner – December 2021

Our Client Corner – December 2021

Mentoring Programmes

We are facilitating and co-ordinating Mentoring programmes with five clients currently. We work with clients to set up the end-to-end Mentoring programme, from the application or nominations process to the matching, through to facilitating masterclasses and workshops for mentors and mentees, to support them as they progress through the programme.

Team Leadership

We are currently running a number of team leadership and team development workshops and programmes with clients.

Typically these programmes start with an Insights personality profile, followed by an individual or group debrief of the Insights report so that participants understand their personality preferences and the dynamic of different personalities with other team members.

With some clients, we’re running a series of Team Leadership skills development modules focusing on the skills of the effective team leader including topics such as The Leader in Me, Leading Others, Leading the Team, and Leading for the Future.


Harvest is delighted to be partnering with OneLearning, the Civil Service Learning and Development organisation in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

We are providing four bespoke courses designed in collaboration with OneLearning to support the development of skills and competencies for leaders across the Civil Service.

The courses we are running are

  • Coaching Behaviours for Leaders
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Leading Organisational Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Leaders and managers in the Civil Service can nominate themselves for a course through the OneLearning learning management system.