31 January 2022

We Listen, We Research, We Observe: Enhancing Our Client Offer

Enhancing Our Client Offer

The question I don’t ask is “where is Harvest going to be in 2,3,5 years?” The question I do continually ask is “where is Learning and Development (our profession, our learner needs) going to be in 2,3,5 years?”

We are informed of this answer by reading and keeping up to date with thought leaders and the latest research, but our main insights come from our partnerships with our clients and our wider network.

We listen, we research, and we observe.

In the last number of years, we have pre-empted and moved to design impactful learning experiences to meet the needs of the fallout of the pandemic. To name a few:

  • Managing Teams Remotely, which has now moved to Leading in a Hybrid Environment
  • Virtual Onboarding
  • Keeping Mentoring Alive Virtually
  • From Classroom to Virtual Classroom
  • Virtual Performance Management

During this time, we have continued to work on innovative learning solutions (regardless of pandemic needs). The following are some of the development areas that have emerged as priorities to enhance and build leaders and people competence:

  • Talent Programmes (with a development centre initiative built into the overall learning journey) resulting in producing HiPo who have been trained for future positions and a detailed talent report on each participant
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Building Resilience
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Team Coaching
  • Enhancing our Mentoring Panel offer, to include the setting up of inhouse mentoring circles

Our clients are inquisitive and eager to learn from their peer group. We have had several requests from clients to gain insights into what others are doing and what is getting results.