7 March 2022

Our Client Corner – March 2022

Client Corner – March 2022

Spring is finally here! After a very long twenty-four months and with nearly all of the Covid restrictions now lifting we are also seeing a lift in people’s spirits.

Our clients are excited at the prospect of change and having a new focus. A very topical theme now within organisations is investing in people and supporting employees to integrate back into the “New Normal”. It is now time to reflect and invest in personal growth and achievement.

We are partnering with clients in a number of areas such as talent development programmes, team development, leadership and much more.

Some of our hot points so far have included:

  • Managing hybrid teams
  • Coaching in the virtual space
  • Leading into the future
  • Talent development
  • Mentoring programmes

Here is a flavour of some of the client activity in March:

Team and Leadership Development Programme

We are working with a large multi-national organisation focusing on the following key areas, managing self, managing teams. Leaders of today have found that they now need to upskill how they engage and drive their teams both virtually and in the hybrid method of working. It is not just about business as usual. We are now faced with developing new skills and or enhancing existing skills and capabilities that did not get any attention over the last twenty-four months.

Sales Development Programmes

Harvest is also currently working with one of Ireland’s largest insurance companies. Our role is to help them to enhance their sales capability throughout the organisation by focusing on both their business to customer and business to business sales channels. Here at Harvest, we always focus on bespoke design and delivery ensuring that we meet the needs of all the different target audiences within organisations.

Graduate Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Programme

Harvest has partnered with one of Ireland’s leading drinks companies to support graduates worldwide from Indonesia to Belfast and Mumbai. The mentoring programme in place provides peers with the platform and structure to support the graduates in their career path and helps define their future goals. This programme offers endless opportunities to graduates and opens up networking channels for the business worldwide.