13 June 2022

Our Client Corner – June 2022

Client Corner – June 2022

As the Summer has arrived, and people are venturing out into the sunny weather, our Learning Specialists are venturing out too … into boardrooms, training, and conference rooms for more face-to-face delivery with clients. We’ve a number of new client projects in some of our specialist areas of Executive Team Development, Talent and Mentoring programmes, Leadership development and Coaching and Sales Management.

  • Leadership Development – Delighted to be partnering with a number of clients delivering modular leadership development programmes for leaders at different levels. Our leadership programmes are tailored for each client, with detailed diagnostic and design completed to ensure specific leadership objectives are met at a personal and organisation level
  • Coaching Behaviours for Leaders – a hugely practical 2-day programme for managers helping them become better leaders using coaching behaviours, tools, and techniques. We enable participants to develop their approach and skills for coaching using live coaching case studies and scenarios with corporate role players
  • We are currently working with Sales Management and their teams in a FMCG client organisation, building up their sales strength to successfully obtain new customers and develop a contact strategy. Through a highly interactive programme we develop the sales team’s skillset, so they conduct effective sales calls and conversations and become effective advisors and partners to their customers
  • We enjoyed the Graduation and awards ceremony at the end of a really successful 9-month Talent Management Development Programme with a Financial Services client. This new programme had 6 Leadership masterclasses, a business challenge project as well as lots of skills practice and mentoring support
  • Partnering with a number of Senior Leadership teams and facilitating Executive Team Development programmes. Our Learning Specialist will explore the executive team dynamic through one-to-one interviews and team facilitation and using psychometric tests or 360-degree leadership questionnaires. We then focus on future effectiveness of the team and develop action plans and development plans for the Executive team to achieve their goals

If you are thinking of developing your people in any of these areas, please give us a call. We would be delighted to talk to you and explore how we can help.