28 November 2022

Our Client Corner – November 2022

Client Corner – November 2022

We have had an exciting year of partnering with our clients to design and deliver meaningful bespoke development programmes. We are continuously witnessing OD approaches to people development and talent management practices, which is creating additional opportunities for innovation when designing learning experiences. Here are some examples of the great work our Harvest team and clients are engaging in.

  • We have just completed two Talent Management Development Programmes with a sustainability company and a specialist building solutions company. The learning experience consisted of leadership masterclasses, internal and external SME webinars, a business challenge project as well as lots of skills practice and mentoring support. To add impact and innovation to the learning solution, we built in development assessment points throughout the programme. We selected a team of internal sponsors to observe at these critical points. This produced an end-of-programme talent map and individual development profiles that will inform the critical succession plans that are required in each organisation
  • We have designed and implemented a Bespoke Competency and Skills Taxonomy for role profiling and career mapping. We partnered with an Agri Food company to conduct an assessment of job families and role profiles and facilitated a career mapping exercise. Significant achievement has been made to date
  • We are partnering with a number of Senior Leadership teams and facilitating Executive Team Development Programmes. Our Learning Specialist explores the Executive Team dynamic through one-to-one interviews, team facilitation and using psychometric tests or 360-degree leadership questionnaires. We then focus on relationship development, ways of working and the future effectiveness of the team for the Executive Team to achieve their goals
  • We have designed a bespoke Business Partner Engagement Model for a large FMCG organisation. This initiative focuses on purpose, value propositions and the principles of engagement. The delivery methodology is based on skills practice and feedback. To date skills and confidence development has been transformative

Please give us a call, if you are thinking of developing your people in any of these areas. We would be delighted to talk to you and explore how we can help.