27 March 2023

Our Client Corner – March 2023

Client Corner – March 2023

The Harvest team and our client partners are experiencing a phase of “Big Numbers”. We are designing and delivering OD initiatives and events with large organisations covering a large number of team members. We are thoroughly enjoying the challenge and opportunity that this brings and are pushing our boundaries with technology and creative ways to interact and engage. We hope you enjoy hearing about them.

  • Our team recently travelled to Porto to deliver an Insights Discovery Team Development session to 70 team members for a global organisation that provides environmental and chemical compliance solutions. We experimented with new exercises and enhanced approaches to cater for the needs of a global audience and to achieve the programme objectives. This is the start of a number of overseas sessions, so our team will be continuing to pack up and bring the Harvest experience to other locations
  • Our team has designed and delivered an immersive learning experience to launch the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values to 2000 team members for a large service provider with a focus on enhancing guest relations.
  • We are currently planning a global organisational Summit with over 800 team members for which we will be the lead facilitators. The Summit will include interviews with four guests, a panel discussion, and audience participation that will be assisted by 20 group coordinators. Again, we are pushing the boundaries with creative ways of facilitating this event whilst ensuring we are brilliant on the basics of delivering a seamless event.
  • We are currently partnering with a large financial institute to assist with the relaunch of their culture framework. We are designing and delivering an immersive learning experience for their 800 team members. The sessions will be co-facilitated by Senior team members of the financial institute.
  • We have designed and are now delivering 27 webinars (Power-hour Sessions) on a variety of topics covering Personal Management, People Management and Business Management, for a global insurance client. The webinars are taking place over a six-week period, from 6am in the morning and have between 100 to 250 participants on each.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss any of the above. We would be delighted to talk to you and explore how we can help.