6 December 2021

Tuesday’s Titles with Paul Barnwell 2021

How Confidence Works: The new science of self-belief: Amazon.co.uk:  Robertson, Ian: 9781787633711: Books

How Confidence Works: The new science of self-belief, why some people learn it and others don’t

by Ian H. Robertson

It’s brilliant and will change how you think about confidence.

Why do boys instinctively bullshit more than girls? How do economic recessions shape a generation’s confidence? Can we have too much confidence and, if so, what are the consequences? Imagine we could discover something that could make us richer, healthier, longer-living, smarter, kinder, happier, more motivated and more innovative. Ridiculous, you might think! What is this elixir?

Confidence. If you have it, it can empower you to reach heights you never thought possible. But if you don’t, it can have a devastating effect on your future. It lies at the core of what makes things happen. Exploring the science and neuroscience behind confidence that has emerged over the last decade, clinical psychologist and neuroscientist Professor Ian Robertson tells us how confidence plays out in our minds, our brains and indeed our bodies. He explains where it comes from and how it spreads – with extraordinary economic and political consequences. He explores the difference between those with a “fixed” as opposed to a “growth” mindset. He explains “having a fixed theory about yourself helps if you have a history of success but that it’s a fragile confidence” because it can be easily undermined by setbacks of failure. On the other hand, those with a growth mindset “view failure as just part of the complex, multi-stranded nature of learning. It is not a threat to your views about your abilities because they can be changed”. He posits that confidence is not necessarily something you are born with, but something that can be learned!

The book contains ‘rich stories and change-inspiring examples for every kind of performer.’ Pippa Grange