8 March 2022

5 Mindfulness Exercises with Yvonne Quinn

A note from Yvonne Quinn your Learning Specialist!

Although life is feeling better and easier with the recent lifting of restrictions, we are still living in a world that is ever-changing, a world of virtual meetings, recent lockdowns, boosters, and covid certificates…

We can all feel burnt out and tired of sad news, bad news, and that note of “today’s numbers” on The Journal or some other newsfeed.

When we are bombarded with so much information through so many platforms that are constantly at our fingertips, I have found we need to take some time out and as I say, “Mind our space.”

As a busy working from home Mum of three, I have been researching the topic of mindfulness. So, what have I found? From knowing pretty much nothing, I found that the first step is to think about it and take some time out – maybe put in your ear pods and listen to some positive talks or music or do some mindfulness exercises. I use these exercises and find them very beneficial:

My 5 Mindfulness Exercises:

  1. Minding my breathing – when we become stressed out and anxious take some time out to think about your breathing and use techniques that help you connect to your internal and external breath.
  2. Minding what we viewAnalyse what we are looking at and limit our news feeds. When I view a topic, I now consider was that beneficial or should I have spent my time more effectively?
  3. Minding my awarenessviewing the world in an open dialogue and seeking out new growth opportunities “What makes us smile”
  4. Minding my listeningBe actively listening. I now try reflecting and thinking about what I actually took in and consider was I actively listening?
  5. Minding who I appreciate – We have challenges, wins, and successes we should never forget to speak about them and thank others for the positive impact they pose on us.

In this very busy world, we live in we all need some care and attention. These exercises can be used before you start your day, over your lunch break or at any time that suits to help you to recharge your batteries and care for yourself.

For further reading or ways to access more:

  • Free audio meditations, The Honest Guy www.youtube.com
  • Apple App store Headspace Mindful Meditation (Guided meditation)
  • The Book Make your bed by William H. Mc Raven published April 4th, 2017
  • Ask Alexa from Amazon.co.uk

Good Luck! Yvonne