8 March 2022

IITD Awards 2022: Finalists Announced

Announcement of 2022 IITD Awards finalists

The 2022 IITD Finalists have been announced!

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted finalists, especially ICOS Skillnet, Intel Ireland Ltd., and Primeline Group who are the finalists for the Pearse Walsh Award 2022!

ICOS Skillnet: Practical Steps to more Sustainable Farming Systems

This innovative programme has been developed in conjunction with ICOS Skillnet, Teagasc, and ICOS and is designed to address the sustainability needs of the agricultural industry in Ireland. A key element of this programme is equipping participants with the necessary knowledge, skills & practical competencies to demonstrate best practice sustainable initiatives and to inform, involve, and empower participants to take ownership of their climate action plan for their own farms.

Each set of farmers who participate in this programme in turn will act as a sub-set of the core group and in time will roll out their own on-farm events, to showcase the practical measures implemented, as such creating the pyramid.

Intel Ireland Ltd.: Building ‘transformational’ leadership capabilities to deliver the next wave of strategic imperatives for Intel from Ireland

A highly innovative leadership development process, based on the practices of ‘Vertical Development’, resulted in a major acceleration of agility among a set of pivotal-position participants and their teams. As a result, participants teams have driven multi-million dollar impacts for their business units, setting the stage for the successful delivery of Intel’s next wave of mission-critical technologies in the next 3-5 years out of Ireland

Primeline Group: Primeline Forward-Thinking Leaders Programme

Primeline Forward-Thinking Leaders is an outstanding, innovative and highly impactful leadership development initiative that took place during an 18-month duration in total, involving Senior Management across the business. The initiative has not only already delivered measurable improvements in several aspects of Leader Effectiveness during 2021, with profits doubling from 2019 to 2021, but has set out a roadmap for an exponential rise in business performance in 2022 and beyond.

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted finalists. We are really looking forward to seeing you all in person at the award ceremony in the Killashee Hotel on the 8th of April! 

For more information, visit https://iitdawards.ie/.