8 March 2022

Tuesday’s Titles with Yvonne Quinn 2022

Leadershift: Les changements essentiels auxquels tout leader doit se prêter  : Maxwell, John-C, Gagnon, Marie-Andrée: Amazon.es: Libros


John C Maxwell

I have read a number of John Maxwells books and believe he truly is the Leadership GURU.

This book is all about the “SHIFT” within leadership. The name itself is very relevant and it will help leaders gain the ability to grow with new changes and challenges.

Maxwell covers the eleven Shifts he believes will help you to be successful into the future. He refers to the Production Shift as climbing the ladder and how we need to shift this to Building the Ladder. The book has eleven different examples of how we need to shift our thinking and style of leadership. This is very relevant in today’s fast-paced environment.

Another Leadershift is going from Goal Orientated to Growth Orientated and he explains how easy and personally rewarding this shift can be. Maxwell writes about the career calling or as he describes it the Passion Shift. I find the questions he poses around this very interesting and they have helped me self-reflect, for example

  • If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, even if you never got paid for it, what would you do?
  • What do people often ask you for help with?

Every advance that you make as a leader will always involve a Leadershift!

A chapter in this book that resonates with me personally is Wanting Others to Shine.

He gives some examples:

  • See the possibilities in all people
  • Honour them in front of others
  • Invite them to help achieve the vision
  • Notice what they do well and compliment them
  • Thank them to make sure they know they are valued

This book is another great read by John C Maxwell. With all the current Shifts we have made as leaders this book will help leaders develop personally and professionally.