28 November 2022

Tuesday’s Titles with Nicola O’Neill

Tuesday’s Titles with Nicola O’Neill

I am a business owner and entrepreneur with a passion for curiosity and learning, but my profession is Learning and Development. In this profession, I have gained a Masters, achieved 30 years of experience, had the opportunity to work on many overseas projects, met the top business leaders in a variety of organisations, and been exposed to and part of great networks. To enhance myself in my profession, I read a variety of books. This is a book I would highly recommend for everyone.

Dr Maureen Gaffney skilfully guides you through the key stages of life from infancy to childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood, to middle age, to late adult hood and old age. She describes the three basic and interconnected drives that count for most of what you do in life:

  • The drive for closeness
  • The drive for autonomy
  • The drive for competence

She identifies the crucial turning points which you can connect with, on a number of levels. The “Aha” moments, are frequent, enlightening and sometimes disturbing.

Page 22 presents “The Principles of a life well lived”. Who wouldn’t be drawn into the title of that table? Start here and you will not put the book down. Do not be tempted to skip to the stage of life that you are in now, as you may deprive yourself of insights that have shaped what is happening before you have arrived there. But whatever way you venture into this book, it is a page turner so enjoy the read.

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