27 March 2023

The Learning and Development Institute National Training Awards 2023

The Learning and Development Institute (L&DI) 2023 National Training Awards

Are you part of a Learning and Development team that should be recognised for impactful outcomes and excellent teamwork? If you are, you now have an opportunity to apply for The Pearse Walsh Award (PWA) for “Best Learning & Development Team”.

We are delighted to continue our sponsorship of the L&DI 2023 National Training Awards and are relaunching the PWA to recognise a best L&D team.

The 2023 awards will be launched on the 31st of March with details about the application process and timelines. We look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony on the 22nd of September.

These are the details of The Pearse Walsh Award – Best Learning & Development Team:

  • This award will recognise an outstanding Learning & Development team that brings a high level of value to the organisations learning culture and activities. This can be demonstrated through their innovation, alignment, teamwork, and engagement with the organisation.

The award covers:

  • The implementation of the L&D strategy over a period, or
  • Specific learning and development initiatives.
  • Entries that are successful in this category will typically demonstrate:
  • A sound and impactful approach for engaging with the organisation’s stakeholders to fulfil the delivery of real strategic needs.
  • An innovative and unique approach to the development of learning initiatives.
  • A high level of alignment, teamwork and fun within their work and their roles.
  • A passion for continuous learning and development of their own knowledge, skills, and mindsets.