31 May 2021

Our Client Corner – June 2021

As we get ready for the Summer, our team of Learning Specialists have been busy supporting clients in a range of development areas – Executive Coaching, Leadership, Culture Change, Executive Team Development, Talent Development, Sales, Mentoring, and Building Resilience.

Here’s a flavour of some of our current client projects:

  • Culture Change

It has been really interesting working in a partnership supporting an organisation in the Financial Services sector implementing a Cultural Change programme. Working together, we have decided to establish the current organisational culture baseline and carry out a gap analysis on the desired future culture that they believe will support the delivery of their strategic ambition and objectives. They see having a collegiate view at the top is a key pillar for moving forward on their culture change programme.

  • Leadership and Talent development

Again, in the financial services sector, we are leading a leadership development initiative that’s part of the organisation’s talent development and succession programme. This programme incorporates almost all the top 3 levels of the organisation in the development programme. Having participants involved in a number of modules over an extended period of time combined with their senior business leaders acting as programme sponsors and mentors is a powerful force for the development of the leadership cadre required to sustain their business into the future.

  • Executive Coaching

Coaching clients across a range of sectors continue to value the support and clarity they receive through working with an external coach. We are all aware of the complexity that business leaders face as a result of the impact of covid on their organisations, employees and customers. Through Executive and Business Coaching our highly experienced Learning Specialists can help bring clarity, strengthen personal resilience and motivate leaders to help them navigate the complexity of the new hybrid working environment.

  • Virtual Mentoring

Mentoring in the virtual world is proving to be an invaluable talent development intervention, in a number of global and Irish organisations we are working with at the moment – Legal, Financial Services, Govt Agencies. Sad to be coming to the end of a fantastic Mentoring programme with a global financial services company, providing training support for 50+ mentees and mentors, and masterclasses to broaden their experience and ensure they get the best from the programme. It has been amazing to watch the mentees grow, develop and progress in the organisation as a direct result of the programme.

If you are thinking of developing your people in any of these areas, please give us a call.  We’d be delighted to talk to you and explore how we can help.

Harvest is absolutely delighted to kick off our partnership with a new client, OneLearning, the Learning and Development centre for the Civil Service, and support the development of Leadership skills and behaviours at senior levels across Government departments, agencies and public bodies. We will be leading the design and rollout of highly interactive, thought-provoking and skills focused leadership programmes in the areas of Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Growth Mindset. More to come as we progress and launch these programmes.

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